Trainer’s Background

Professional training.

No gimmicks. No time-wasting.

Just solid training.

So why us?

Because you will be inspired.
Because you will be motivated into action.
Because you will simply become better.

That’s the promise.


Randolph Wong @ Ridhwan graduated from The London School of Economics and was voted ‘Best All-Round Performer’ at a Risk Management/Risk Analysis program at Harvard University.

He was previously Senior Vice-President at PhileoAllied Bank and also held the position of Group Chief Internal Auditor, PhileoAllied Group. He has more than 25 years of banking experience and was the country’s youngest branch manager in the 70s.

Randolph left banking on the merger between PhileoAllied Bank and Maybank, and was Director of Research & Planning and Director of Business Development for Malaysia’s top local recruitment agency. He was also Advisor to a UK-based training company before he started his own company, R Training Solutions.

Randolph was also a writer/photojournalist for Malaysia’s longest-running golf magazine, Golf Malaysia, where he maintained his own monthly column, Randolph’s World. Although he was only a freelance/part-time staff, Randolph was promoted to the position of Associate Editor before he left to focus on his training business and to write a book.

Over the years, Randolph has consistently received “Very Good” to “Excellent” feedback ratings in his highly interactive training programs.

In March 2011, Randolph was appointed Mentor/Advisor for Human Capital at the Malaysian branch of an international financial services company. His role includes advising the company on overall human capital strategy, provide appropriate in-house training to upgrade the skills of the staff and manage a mentoring program for selected staff in the company.

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  1. Hi

    What a colourful and dynamic person you are? It was nice meeting you and I hope to continue doing so in the future.

    How was your meeting with your friends? I had a horrible experience. I forgot my handbag in the coach and only realised that later. After a runaround, I managed to catch the coach at KTM. Luckily, the driver was there and he had kept the bag safely. Everything was intact and I tipped him for his kind act.

    Take care and assalamu alaikum


  2. Hi Randolph,
    I am Mathew Philippose from Hoe Pharmaceuticals under Taisho Group of companies. I am trying to get in touch with you. I am very keen in having you to conduct a Sales Leadership workshop in Oct.’19

    I apologize for disappointing you the last time. I am very sincere this time. My contact: Whatsap 01124019328 or call me at 0122826909 or office 03-79581077

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