Win-Win or Lose-Lose?

In a negotiation, the supplier or vendor wants the highest price. The purchaser or buyer wants the lower price. How can there ever be a win-win situation in such negotiations? I would suggest that instead of the often mentioned win-win scenario, you are actually in a lose-lose situation, with one important exception. Both sides, through the negotiating process, may have ended up not achieving their original objectives, but that’s perfectly ok if both leave the negotiating table FEELING LIKE THEY HAVE WON.

Find out more at the Purchasing & Negotiation Skills program.

Program: Purchasing & Negotiation Skills

Venue: Royale Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Date: September 2008

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The Best Way to Interview

Competency-based Selection & Recruitment

With the focus on growing businesses and ensuring that new employees “fit” well with both the job and the organization, getting selection decisions right is more important than ever. This interactive program enables line and HR managers to recruit higher quality employees by teaching them the skills of structured, competency-based interviewing. Participants will learn how to construct competency-based questions, how to probe and evaluate responses and make better final decisions.

Program: Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing

Client: ForLife Research

Venue: 4Life Training Room

Date: September 2008