The Challenge of a Public Program

Running a public program isn’t easy.

Because of its “public” nature, the people who attend these programs not only come from very different industries, but from an expertise/experience perspective, these individuals also differ greatly from each other. We may have a senior manager as a participant, sitting next to a fresh graduate who just started work a few months earlier. We may have a participant who has attended more than ten training programs in total, whilst the gentleman/lady across the room may be attending his/her first training program. And one may come from an industry specializing in industrial chemicals, and his fellow participant may be selling logistic solutions. Different, like between black and white.

The challenge for the trainer is knowing how to conduct the training in a balanced manner, giving each participant equal attention and presenting solutions that will make sense and relate to the majority of participants present. Easier said than done.

There will always be a participant who will feel that he/she should have been given more attention, or that the trainer should have given more examples relating to his/her particular industry, forgetting that the other people in the room also have similar demands.

Then again, that’s the challenge of a public program. For the trainer, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. For the particpants, I guess they expect to win everytime.

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